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Create Extensive Portfolios And Presentations For College Admission

• Drawing for Beginners and Experienced Artists
• Concepts To Be Covered
• All Works will Derive From Direct Observation
• Demonstration Sessions
• Suggested Materials
• Registration Information
• What Else Should I Know
• Class Sizes and Fees
• Our Achievements

Drawing for Beginners and Experienced Artists

You will enjoy exploration of many exciting aspects of fine arts with the direction from a professional artist. Alla Viksne graduared from Moscow Academy of Art in 1976. Her works are found in numerous private art collections. Ms Viksne has many years of art instruction experience. Her method is based on classical European tradition.
Studying watercolor, pastel and oil painting techniques will open new possibilities for your artistic self-expression and refinement of color, composition, shape, tone and light. Alla Viksne helps her students to prepare porfolio for any art school, including such schools as UC Berkeley and Harvard University. Students are also helped to prepare works for art competitions and art shows. Click on an image for a full gallery.

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Concepts To Be Covered

Expressive drawings(mixed media, pastel, charcoal) and drawing elements. Identify shape, positive and negative. Seeking shape as form and volume. Understanding perspective. Planar analysis. Study of light and shadow. Study of value black, white and gray color as value. Understanding composition. Learning to see and think abstractly. Looking at Masters. Art history lectures. The visual dialogue. Combining various techniques and concepts. Graphic design.

All Works will Derive From Direct Observation

Subject matter will include Still Life, Landscape and Figure Traditional and contemporary methods will be explored. Emphasis is on process over product.

Workshop. Landscapes.

The beauty of the region has been captured by instructors, students and our guests. Here are some samples and navigation to online galleries to see more. Click on an image for a full gallery.


Demonstration Sessions

Observe the professional artist work and create in front of your eyes.
Class sessions will be open by teaching demonstrations. Drawing approaches will be explained and uses of materials will be shown.
Questions are always invited and always welcome.

Suggested Materials

Dry materials: Drawinf board 20" x 26"; Newsprint paper; Charcoal pencil (soft) Alpha-color Charcoal stick; Kneaded eraser.
Painting Materials: Canvas paper pad, canvas board, stretched canvas for longer paintings, gesso to prime canvas surface.
Brushes: bristle brushes (3 shapes: round, flat filberts). Paints: oil, watercolors. Misc.: palette, palette knife, gloves (optional) Easels and props are provided.
Cost of supplies: Drawing supplies for beginners: $15-$35; Painting and watercolors: $25 - $100; Mixed media: $20 - $45. Approximate cost given here is based on regular prices at Michael's, Aaron Brothers and similar stores.

Registration Information

Registration for classes is open at the beginning of each month.
1. Walk-in registration. Students can register for available adults and children's classes at the Art Studio.
2. Registration by phone. Please call the Studio (650) 269 1102  for specific class schedule and registration.
3. Waiting list. A waiting list will be started once a class or workshop is full. Efforts will be made to accomodate everybody as space becomes available. 4.Private lessons available.

What Else Should I Know

Payment for classes is due on the 1st of the month. If payments is not received by the 10th, late fee of $10 will be added. There will be no refunds for missed classes. Please notify the instructor if student must miss the class. In case of illness or emergency arrangements for make-up classes can be made. If the instructor is unable to attend the class, it will be rescheduled within one month and students will be notified. Open studio time is available for a monthly fee.

Class Sizes and Fee

There are group and individual classes available. Group sizes are 4 to 6 students. Class length is 2 hours. If student attends the class once a week fee is $50 per class.
If student attends the class twice a week class fee is $40 per class. Three hours classes are also avaiable. Fee is $60per class. Individual 2 hour class is $100.

Our Achievements

Children's gallery Teens' gallery Adults' gallery
Katya Ivanova     Chair    Award